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Sunday brunch. Ahhhhh. Hang out with friends, have some good food, maybe a Bloody Mary or a mimosa, and just kick back and relax. Well, that’s what Bill and I thought we were going to do this past Sunday. We drove to Rococo Restaurant at Northpark in OKC at the appointed time, and guess what? we read the date wrong on the group text invite. Did we feel like ninnies? Yes. Did we let that stop our wonderful Sunday brunch? Heck no!

Bill and I have been to Rococo Restaurant at Northpark three or four times before, for dinner. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed their dinner menu items, including jumbo lump crab cakes, the lobster and shrimp risotto, the grilled filet mignon, and the Long Island duckling. But we’ve never been there for brunch, so we were looking forward to the experience.

We were greeted immediately upon our arrival (we were there at 10:30 a.m.), and were quickly seated at a booth (our favorite seating arrangement – Bill and I still like to sit next to each other when we go out). They have both booths and tables at Rococo, and the decor is mostly red and black – an “old world” Italian kind of theme. Our waiter, Brad, gave us the details about the brunch set-up, as well as the drink options (water with lime first, please).

R17 (2)-1The set-up is impressive. Four tables of “help yourself” food offerings.  And while I’m sure I haven’t included everything on every table, one table (left) had cheeses, fresh fruit, chilled shrimp, olives and mushrooms, green salad and pasta salads;







another (right) offered cheesy scrambled eggs, breakfast meats, potatoes, cooked veggies, mac and cheese, and salmon.



Yousef made a great omelet.

The third table (left) had a made to order omelet station;



In the back, at the carving station, is Mac.
Gabe is up front (voila!) with the waffles and French toast.







and the fourth (right) had a carving station with beef and turkey, as well as waffles (freshly made), French toast, syrups and toppings, and a wide range of dessert “bites.”


For drink options, the Rococo Restaurant brunch offers a Bloody Mary bar ($8.50 each – a bit pricey), which features vegetable infused vodka; as well as a variety of mixed drinks including Mimosas for $2. Bill had a Bloody Mary (to which he happily added spicy Tabasco and horseradish), and I had a Poinsettia, a combination of champagne, Cointreau, and cranberry juice ($3.00). It was slightly sweet and bubbly, and kind of reminded me of a Kir Royale. Both drinks were quite good, and went well with the brunch items.

Bill and I then decided to “divide and conquer” the food tables. We each started with a small plate (we had to pace ourselves!). Bill had all shrimp, while I had the eggs, salmon, shrimp, bacon, and the mac and cheese (yup, I was hungry!). The eggs were quite good – cheesy, and not overcooked. The bacon was even a little crispy (the way I like it), but the shrimp and the salmon were just “ok.” The shrimp was a little soft and didn’t have much flavor, and the salmon was overcooked. But the mac and cheese was divine. I went back two times for more. Loved it. I spoke with Chef Lee Jennings, who shared that the bechamel sauce had smoked Gouda in it. Oh man, that mac and cheese was good.

R10 (1)-7

Did I mention that mac and cheese goes with everything?

I then had a waffle with some syrup and fresh blackberries, strawberries and blueberries. Delicious. The waffle was tender on the inside, and slightly crispy on the outside. The fruit was delicious.

Bill had a made to order omelet with ham, spinach, bell peppers, jalapenos and cheese, topped with sambal sauce (which Yousef, who cooked the omelet, described as a sweet and sour sauce with red pepper flakes). Bill’s verdict? The omelet, and the sauce, were excellent. And, because the omelet was of a modest size , there was still a little room to try some other dishes.



Roc pic

Bill liked the mac and cheese, too.

Turkey with gravy, roast beef, carrots, wild rice combo, and some mac and cheese.  All, Bill said, were cooked very well, and tasty – good flavors.








R15 (2)-9

And then we didn’t have anything else for the rest of the day!

The two of us then split a plate of the dessert “bites.” There was a wide range of these little desserts which included chocolate brownies marbles with a mildly infused liqueur in each, such as Grand Marnier, Frangelica, and Kahlua. They also had small servings of cheese cake and apple pie, sans liqueur, along with (two kinds of) chocolate covered strawberries. The desserts were pretty good, but the liqueurs were not necessary, and I wish the apple pie was warm (maybe with some vanilla ice cream?), and that the topping was a bit “crumblier.”




The cost was $22.00 per person for the brunch, plus the cost of the drinks. Not bad for a impressively-sized buffet with overall good food, good service, and a welcoming ambiance.

Rococo Restaurant has two locations.
The original location:

2824 N.Pennsylvania Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
Lunch M-F 11-3
Dinner M-Th 3-10, F 3-11, Sat 5-11
Sunday Brunch 11-3, Dinner 3-9
Phone: 405-528-2824

and the location we visited:

12252 N. May Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Lunch M-Sat 11-4
Dinner M-Th 4-10, Fri-Sat 4-11
Sunday Brunch 10-2:30, Dinner 5-9
Phone: 405-212-4577




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Rococo Restaurant
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