Oklahoma City Arts Festival-International Food

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Today Bill and I went to the annual Oklahoma City Arts Festival. Yes, to see the amazing artwork, and yes, to enjoy an absolutely stellar day of sunshine and warmth. But for me, it was all about the food, and specifically, the international food.

This morning I scoped out the information from the newspaper, The Oklahoman, which listed the types of food, the booth numbers of the restaurants serving the food, and the favorites for the festival.

What caught my eye? Booth #21.IMG_4625-2
The winner for Best Savory Item:
Ceviche de Pescado from
Inca Trail Peruvian Restaurant in Oklahoma City (pictured above).

The ceviche was exactly what I was hoping for: a deliciously flavorful bite of fresh sea bass and lime juice accompanied by red onion and cilantro. But wait, there’s more.

They also added sweet potato, which gave a hint of sweetness to go with the savory and the citrus, and two kinds of Peruvian kernel corn: mote and cancha, for a textural crunch to balance the dish.

I had a chance to speak with the chef, Niel Zambrano, and was impressed with his dedication to serving authentic Peruvian food using fresh and simple ingredients. Never having eaten Peruvian food before, the Ceviche de Pescado was a great introduction. I’m looking forward to trying out some of their other dishes at the restaurant.

Inca Trail Peruvian Restaurant (http://incatrailokc.com/)
can be found at two locations in Oklahoma City:

10928 N May Ave                  and                     2106 SW 44th St
Oklahoma City                                                   Oklahoma City
(405) 286-0407                                                (405) 601-2629

See? We saw some art. This sculpture,
in the Myriad Botanical Gardens which is on the grounds of the Arts
Festival, is titled, “Gateway.”
The artist is Hans Van de Bovenkamp.


Here’s a picture of Bill.               IMG_4670-2
He was feeling a little playful.

Bill chose to have a chicken burrito for lunch.
He said he would go for something different next time…

After lunch we walked around for an hour or so, and I started to feel my sweet tooth kick in. “Bill,” I said (knowing full well that this was a rhetorical question), “how about some dessert?” I was thinking of getting an ice cream sundae (I had one last year and it was pretty good), so while I stood in line Bill took off to explore what other options were available.

I had just gotten my sundae when he came back with this dessert:
Tequila Bread Pudding from Interurban Restaurant (it won Best Sweet at last year’s Arts Festival – this year’s was a Nutella and Berry Waffle from a different booth, but I’m not much of a Nutella fan).
The bread pudding was warm, it had a delicious sauce, AND it had ice cream to go with. I took one bite, ditched my sundae, and went and got my own. Seriously that good.

Interurban Restaurants (http://www.interurban.us/) have seven locations.
The one in Edmond is located at:
1301 East Danforth
(405) 348-2792

What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
We’ll definitely do it again next year, but I might just have to try a few more dishes (somebody twist my arm).


Inca Trail Peruvian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Interurban Classic Grill on Urbanspoon

Oklahoma City Arts Festival-International Food
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Oklahoma City Arts Festival-International Food

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