It Has Been a While

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Well, it has been a while since last I posted. I could whine and say, “I haven’t had time!” or, “I’ve been on vacation!” or, “I haven’t felt my best,” but truth be told…it’s been all three. So does that make it whining?

The “I haven’t had time!” excuse:
Bill and I are getting married in 10 days, does that count? ‘Nuff said! Woo hoo!

The “I’ve been on vacation!” excuse:
Bill and I had a truly outstanding, excellent adventure for three and half weeks in July. Australia and Vanuatu (an island nation in the South Pacific – in the “vicinity” of the Solomon Islands and Fiji) are unique and interesting places, and I’d love to go to those areas again. Ok, maybe to Australia a bit more than Vanuatu.

We went to Australia because one of my sisters and her family live there (did you catch my posts from Australia?), and we went to Vanuatu because my youngest son is in the Peace Corps there. Wow. Talk about an interesting place… more on that in the next post.

The “I haven’t felt my best” excuse:
Oral surgery sucks. I had a tooth that started to nudge me on the plane ride to Australia, and by the time we got to Vanuatu it was screaming. There was no dentist on the island where we stayed, so without going into the gory details, I’ll just say thank goodness we brought antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory with us. Two root canals and a bone graft later, I am, thankfully, on the mend.

And, let’s face it, since this is a food blog after all, it wouldn’t be “foodie” of me if I didn’t post at least a little something (since it has been a while!) that is food-related:

20130820-IMG_2709Braum’s chocolate milkshakes. Awesome. Incredible. Delicious.
Chocolately, rich, thick, creamy goodness in a paper cup (different sizes, of course, but I usually get the 22 oz. – there’s also about 30 different flavors to choose from).

I subsisted on those shakes post-oral surgery.  Hand dipped ice cream. The strawberry is awfully good too, but I kept going back for the chocolate. No, I did not care how many calories; the taste was worth every single one.


According to the Braum’s website, 1600 (of their own) cows get milked every hour (24/7) to provide the milk for their ice cream and dairy products. That’s quite a mental image.  The company began back in 1933, so they’ve got a long-running history of um…milking, but more importantly, at least from my perspective, of making great-tasting shakes.

I highly, highly recommend them. And not just after oral surgery.


All that was left…




Next post: The food in Vanuatu!

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It Has Been a While
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It Has Been a While

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