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Every so often, Bill and I really enjoy eating breakfast out. There’s something very comforting about a satisfying breakfast – especially when you’re at a restaurant or diner.  I think it’s a combination of the smells, the tastes, and let’s face it, somebody else is making it (and cleaning up the mess)!

Sundays are our usual pick when we go out for breakfast, and we try to get to the restaurant before the church crowd, so we try to shoot for around 10:00 a.m.

image_1That was the case when we went to Around the Corner last weekend. Around the Corner is a well-established restaurant in downtown Edmond. Bill and I have been about ten times over the last two years, so we’re familiar with the food, the ambiance, and the service. It’s been a while since we’ve been there though, probably three months or so, and our last experience with the service and the food was not what we had hoped. We were aware that the ownership of the restaurant had changed hands, so in all fairness, we wanted to give it another shot.

Where to begin?

image_4The Décor
The style of the restaurant is blend of diner and country kitsch, with some OU and OSU touches thrown in for good luck. Decorations include many forms and styles of chickens (it’s a theme!), along with various signs, quotes, pictures, and trinkets: you name it and Around the Corner probably has it. It’s fun to look at everything, and the décor provides a nice distraction while waiting for the food.

The Food
I ordered the blueberry pancake sandwich: two pancakes with one egg over easy, and bacon, crispy please. Bill ordered the pancake sandwich too, but he wanted buckwheat pancakes (but they don’t have those anymore), so he had “regular” pancakes with scrambled eggs, and sausage.

image_5My pancakes were a little thin, but tasted pretty good. Fresh blueberries made the difference. The over easy egg was cooked the way it was supposed to be, and the bacon was crispy. But, I couldn’t help but notice that the pancakes were much, much smaller than they were before the restaurant changed hands. Probably better for my waistline, but hey, we don’t eat breakfast out very often so I was kind of looking forward to the extra indulgence. And, there was no syrup container on the table like before (which the wait staff used to warm up when your order was brought to the table) – the waitress brought the syrup in those little sealed packages, so if we wanted more we had to ask.

Bill was disappointed about not getting buckwheat pancakes, but his plain ones were passable. His serving of a scrambled egg was quite modest, about which we both were a little surprised (the taste was rather bland), and his sausage patty (which had the size and taste of a store bought frozen sausage patty) was dry and without much flavor.

image_3We both had coffee and a small orange juice (which was freshly squeezed and very good – we sat near the honkin’ juicer!).

The food, all in all was “ok,” but not great, and not really worth the $15.16 price tag (not including tip). Especially because of…

The Service
Weekends are a busy time for almost every restaurant in this area that serves breakfast, and especially for an established restaurant that has a prior history of good food and good service. Unfortunately, there were a number of glitches with the service at Around the Corner.

We seated ourselves (as in the past), and were glad to have found a booth on the OU side of the restaurant (yes!). It took 5 minutes for our waitress to arrive, but no real biggie since Bill and I were having fun chatting. We ordered our coffee and juice to start, and ordered our breakfast at the same time.

Coffee and juice arrived after a few minutes, but we did not get our food for almost 30 minutes. (At our previous visits to Around the Corner, our food always arrived within 10 minutes – tops.)

After 10 minutes of empty coffee cups, Bill caught our waitress and asked for more coffee, and then she didn’t show up again until she brought the food, and even then there was no explanation about the delay with the food. In the past, the previous management had one server walking around with fresh coffee, refilling anyone’s cup that had more than an inch of space below the brim.

So what did we do to while away the time? We chatted, we read the Edmond Life and Leisure newspaper (Around the Corner has lots of copies for customers to read, hmmmmm….), and we played FingerFoos against each other on our cell phones (fun app).  

The waitress brought our bill about five minutes after we finished eating, but again there was no word (or apology) about the time it took for the food to come to the table.

Bottom Line
I SO wanted to like Around the Corner. The décor and the vibe kind of reminded me of some diners I used to frequent in Bergen County, NJ, and I really like the idea of a local (non-chain) restaurant where folks can gather and enjoy good food and good conversation. 

image_7But our overall experience makes it likely that Bill and I will not return any time soon. That’s disappointing, but now we’re in the market for another local breakfast spot.

Around the Corner
11 South Broadway
Edmond, OK 73034

Saturday – Sunday
6:00 am – 2:00 pm
Closed Mondays
(Parking is on South Broadway, and there is additional free parking behind the restaurant on the west side of South Broadway.)


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Around the Corner
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