1492 New World Latin Cuisine

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Earlier this month Bill and I went to see the musical, Wicked, at the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall. It’s a play I’ve always wanted to see, but time and opportunity factors were not aligned in my universe before Wicked came to OKC. We had good seats, lower orchestra, and on the aisle – so Bill was happy, he could stretch out his long legs.

1492-30-2We really enjoyed the show: great songs, actors that were convincing in their role(s), and an ending that was kind of upbeat and a little bit romantic (always a plus!). I still have the song, “Popular,” in my head. The song, “Gravity,” sung by Jennifer DiNoia, the actress who played Elphaba (the green, “wicked” witch), was my favorite. Man, that girl has pipes.

Before the show we had dinner at a restaurant we had heard and read many great things about, 1492 New World Latin Cuisine, on North Walker Avenue in Oklahoma City. The restaurant specializes in Latin cuisine, so I was curious about whether they served some of the classic “Tex-Mex” dishes, or whether there was anything on the menu with a “twist.”

We started with a classic appetizer (listed as “Aperitivo” on the menu): the Guacamole Mexicano, which was served with pico de gallo ($6.95 for a half serving, $9.95 for a full serving). We had the half serving and it was plenty for the two of us to share. The guacamole was fresh, as was the pico de gallo, and the chips were light, very crispy, and also tasted homemade.

We each had a frozen margarita, which were pretty good, and our main courses were yummy. Bill had the seafood enchiladas ($18.95) of scallops, shrimp, and lump crab in a lobster-basil cream sauce rolled up in two corn tortillas. The dish was served with black beans and grilled vegetables. Bill enjoyed his dinner, and I also had a bite (I can’t resist seafood); it was delicious. The taste of seafood was prominent, and the sauce was creamy and complimented the seafood well. The beans and grilled veggies were “ok” as accompaniments; pretty standard fare.


My main course:
Enchiladas de Pato.

I had the Enchiladas de Pato: shredded duck breast sautéed with pineapple, and topped with spicy chipotle cream. Definitely a positive “twist” in my Latin cuisine tasting repertoire. Duck is one of my favorite entrées, so when I see it on a menu I usually go for it, and these enchiladas did not disappoint. Savory, slightly sweet, and with a hint of heat, I really enjoyed this main course. Beans and rice rounded out my plate.

We had a reservation, and were in and out of 1492 in about 40 minutes. The rapid turnaround meant we were able to get to the show (and very good parking), in plenty of time. The wait staff and kitchen crew definitely “had their skates on.” And while we ordered and were served quickly, we were half-way through our meal before our waiter brought out (despite a couple of gentle reminders…) some items we had asked to go with our dinners (lime for the waters, and a small dish of sour cream).


1492 New World Latin Cuisine’s Menu (with lunch items).
The flip side has dinner choices, but the writing is very, very small…

From our perspective, 1492 New World Latin Cuisine is a good place to go before a show or a game in downtown OKC. It also caters to the mid-day working crowd. According to the menu, the restaurant has lunch specials (served Monday through Friday, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm) available for $9.00 to $11.50 (a little pricey for lunch?).

However, if you are looking for a leisurely dinner where you and a companion would like to quietly chat, linger and “dine,” keep in mind that bustling ambiance of 1492 equates to many seatings each night, along with the accompanying sound level of the patron’s and staff’s conversations.

The “Appeitivos/Caldos/Ensaladas” cost from $6.95 to $13.00, the “Platos Especiales” go for $15.95 to $29.95 (for the Filet Mignon de Asada). “Tex-Mex Basics” are also on the menu, and 1492 charges $9.95 to $22.95 (for their surf and turf fajitas).

Thirteen offerings are on the Sunday brunch menu and some of the dishes include the requisite Eggs Benedict but with a twist: eggs served on a gordita with tomato, chorizo, avocado and jalapeno hollandaise, accompanied by patas bravas (essentially Latin home fries) for $10.00, French Toast ($8.00), and Seafood Migas (tilapia, scrambled eggs, corn strips topped with pico de gallo, and chipotle cream) for $12.00.

1492 New World Latin Cuisine
1207 North Walker Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73103-3722
(405) 236-1492

Monday – Thursday: 11 am to 10 pm
Friday & Saturday: 11 am to 11 pm
Sunday: 10:30 am to 9 pm

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1492 New World Latin Cuisine
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1492 New World Latin Cuisine

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