Tucker’s Onion Burgers

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I treated Ry to Tucker’s Onion Burgers today, a place I’ve always wanted to visit, so I’m glad we were able to finally get there. Since my son Ry moved to Oklahoma in December, Bill and I have been showing him where to get good food in the metro area. I was glad that Tucker’s didn’t disappoint.

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Chocolate Dipped Butter Almond Cookies

Hiland 12 Days of Cookies 2013 (NewsOK)


I decided to enter my very first cooking contest (gulp!), and more specifically, a baking contest. The OKC newspaper, The Oklahoman, ran the contest which was sponsored by Hiland Dairy. Called, “The Twelve Days of Cookies” (cute, right?), the top twelve vote-getters received a coupon for one gallon of Hiland milk a week for the year (52 coupons). Cookies and milk go great together. So, I thought, OK, I’ll give it a shot! Continue reading

Rococo Restaurant

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Sunday brunch. Ahhhhh. Hang out with friends, have some good food, maybe a Bloody Mary or a mimosa, and just kick back and relax. Well, that’s what Bill and I thought we were going to do this past Sunday. We drove to Rococo Restaurant at Northpark in OKC at the appointed time, and guess what? we read the date wrong on the group text invite. Did we feel like ninnies? Yes. Did we let that stop our wonderful Sunday brunch? Heck no!

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Pecan Tarts

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There is something decidedly wonderful, and a little decadent, about pie. To me, just the word “pie” speaks of homey, warm, yummy goodness. That bite of tasty, flaky crust, along with a sweet morsel of filling is unequivocally, sheer bliss. Mmmmmm. Pie is also a traditional Thanksgiving Day dessert, and in my family, pecan pie is right at the top of that list.

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